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Better user onboarding without coding


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UserGuiding is the number one user onboarding tool you can create quick, hassle-free, and interactive guides for users to discover your product.

UserGuiding helps you create user-friendly, interactive on-site guides so customers can quickly understand how to use your website and products.

Right now (while we still have codes!), you can get lifetime access to the UserGuiding Start-up Plan.

The Start-up Plan typically costs $490 a year and comes with:

  • Single team member
  • Unlimited guides
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • UserGuiding Assistant and reusable guides
  • Segmentation
  • Up to 1,000 monthly active users (a monthly active user is a user with a unique user ID who logs into your platform during the month)
  • UserGuiding branding

Help customers understand your product and website now!

For you this deal to make it even more powerful, simply purchase two codes at checkout and get lifetime access to the UserGuiding Agency Plan.

The Agency Plan has everything the Start-up Plan has plus:

  • Unlimited team members/managers for your account
  • 2,000 monthly active users
  • No UserGuiding branding

And if you’re a real opportunist (and we respect you for it), stack up to 5 codes to get up to 5k active users!

Your website and products can be loaded with all of the best features in the world.

But if your customers don’t know how to use them, they are going to waste.

UserGuiding makes it easy to design (without coding) fully customizable, eye-catching walkthroughs and hotspots.

Start decreasing customer support tickets, increasing conversions, and improving customer satisfaction.

Get lifetime access to UserGuiding for just $49!

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Better user onboarding without coding


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