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RankWatch lets you manage campaigns and analyze movements through a data-packed dashboard.

With RankWatch, staying on top of your SEO rankings is as simple as looking at a dashboard.

Inside of this magical dashboard, you’ll have 6 key elements:

  • Rank Tracking — See your current rank, highest rank, local/city rank, and Initial rank along with search volumes in top 100 serps for all your keywords. You’ll be able to track your site rankings on 177 search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.
  • Website Analysis — Audit and evaluate your site with RankWatch to get a comprehensive in-depth analysis of what you’re doing right and wrong (like not having a site that is mobile friendly).

Lifetime Access to RankWatch

  • Hidden Keywords — Identify and optimize keywords that you’re already smart enough to use to bring you traffic but just don’t realize it!
  • Competitors — Discover who your organic and paid competitors (enemies) are. You can then compare your keyword to theirs and check exactly who is dominating in the market.

Lifetime Access to RankWatch

    • Backlinks Analyzer — Within seconds, display backlinks by parameters like Newly Added Backlinks and its trend, Active & Deleted Links, Referring Domains, Most used anchor text, Site Wide Vs. Non Site Wide, and more.

Lifetime Access to RankWatch

    • CEO/Agency Dashboard — Gain a bird’s-eye view on everything under your management. Understand the drivers of profitability and perform forecasting on various scenarios and measure your performance using the correct checkpoints.

Lifetime Access to RankWatch

And after months of sending edible arrangements, RankWatch finally caved.

RankWatch created a special plan, which includes:

  • 400 keywords per week position tracking OR 100 keywords per day position tracking (With daily keywords tracking, rank calculations are done every day and a report is published by EoD. And in weekly keywords tracking, rank calculations are done once across the week and a report is published every Sunday. There is no fixed day of calculation, and it would be randomly picked by the system. If you need exact measurement of the rank, you should opt for daily ranking plan.)
  • 10,000 pages audited and crawled per month
  • 10 users/team members
  • 10 projects
  • 1,000 backlinks per project
  • 200 queries per day, 200 results per report for keyword research
  • White label interface on your own domain
  • Advanced reporting (fully customizable and schedulable white label reports)
  • Unlimited automated alerts
  • Analytics and Google search console integration

If you were to put a price tag on this custom plan, it would read $588 per year.

However, you can steal lifetime access for just $49!

Start tracking your SEO performance now!

Lifetime Access to RankWatch

Lifetime Access to RankWatch

RankWatch was created for one reason: to solve all the SEO issues agency owners face.

The creators wanted everyone to be able to handle SEO themselves without the need to hire outside help.

Through RankWatch, you will save a lot of time, have the ability to track your progress, and get the useful insights you’ll need to do SEO better.

Lifetime Access to RankWatch

Listen up.

If you’re not tracking progress and data, you can’t create winning digital marketing strategies.

So make the right decision, and start using RankWatch to analyze your SEO performance.

Get lifetime access to RankWatch for $49 now!

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Transform the way you do your SEO


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