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The AI-powered advisor for business intelligence


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Crystal.ai is the first virtual advisor for marketers and companies looking to optimize their digital marketing efforts via talking (think Alexa) or writing to an Aritificial Intelligence (AI) powered advisor to gain digital marketing data and advice, real-time.

Crystal is a powerful, no-coding-required artificial intelligence tool that takes web and social media data and turns it into actionable marketing insights.

Our amped up version of the crystal Premium Plan (valued at $5,940/yr) includes:

  • 5 accounts/pages per social account (aka 5 accounts/pages per platform—Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Twitter Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and WooCommerce Website)
  • AI-powered advisor
  • Super simplified analytics
  • Team sharing
  • 100 team members

Sumo-lings, you can get lifetime access to this monster of a deal for just $49!

But that’s not all she wrote.

You can also stack up to 4 codes. For every code you stack, you will unleash 5 more accounts/pages per channel. (Agencies, rejoice!)

Get your codes now before there aren’t any left!

Let crystal talk data to you now!

Analyzing your website, e-shops, and social accounts data is simple thanks to incredibly smart A.I. that talks to you like a human.

crystal’s A.I. compiles data in real-time and can instantly provide social media insights, marketing advice, and campaign analytics.

And the longer you have crystal activated, the smarter she gets. Over time, she’ll be able to automate campaigns with the right content, product, placement, budget, and target.

Lifetime Access to crystal

We know you’re tired of staring at your computer screen, pretending to know what your data is trying to tell you.

So let crystal decode your data and tell you what all that mumbo jumbo means so you can focus on the important things.

Get lifetime access to this great deal for just $49!

Understand your data and improve marketing now!

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The AI-powered advisor for business intelligence


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